As another way to Rethink Care, we’ve partnered with Smiling Mind to create a mindfulness movement - all to better support you, your family and friends.

Over the course of 30 days, you’ll be encouraged to practice mindfulness each day which can help lower your stress levels, improve your sleep and better manage your emotions.

This movement will support Australians by helping every mind thrive.

Join the mindfulness movement today!

Our mission

The modern world is constantly changing, with pain always finding new ways to sneak up on us. So, at Panadol, we’re taking a more holistic approach. We’re challenging Australia to rethink how we care for ourselves - and each other - with plenty of with helpful tools, tips and advice.

Conversations on care

What does care mean to you? We dug deep with everyday Australians and discovered some eye-opening results. From our perceptions of work-life balance, to uncovering how we really feel about sick days.

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